IKF Albertville Karate

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Featuring Chito-Ryu Yoshukai Karate

IKF Albertville Karate
413 Martling Rd.
Albertville, AL 35950
Ph:  (256) 878-0729
E-Mail: rcamp@ikf-albertville.com

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Karate Training Rules


1. Courtesy and Respect:

Courtesy to Instructors and fellow students.

2. Speech:

No profanity.

3. Attitude:

Must be willing to obey the rules and learn self-discipline.

4. Cleanliness:

Clean heart and mind plus a clean Gi and Body.

5. Bow when entering and leaving the training area.

6. No jewelry or gum chewing in the training area.

7. No talking over the rail.

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