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IKF Albertville Karate

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Featuring Chito-Ryu Yoshukai Karate

IKF Albertville Karate
413 Martling Rd.
Albertville, AL 35950
Ph:  (256) 878-0729
E-Mail: rcamp@ikf-albertville.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good age to start karate?:

Children who are 5 years and older are usually ready to start training. Each child is different depending on their maturity and attention span.

What are the benefits of karate?:

Respect – Yourself and others
Self Discipline – Challenge yourself to always keep trying and to never give up.
Focus – Standing still, paying attention, following instructions.
Balance and Coordnation – Hands and feet working together.

What will I need for class?:

NOTE: All equipment must be approved and purchased through your Instructor.

All students wear a uniform (gi) screen printed with the IKF Albertville logo. As students progress through the levels additional equipment will be required, which includes:
Sparring Gear
Bo Staff

How long does it take to get a Black Belt?:

There are 10 kyu grades (colored belts) before 1st. Degree Black Belt:

White – 10th. Kyu

Purple – 9th. Kyu

Blue – 8th. Kyu

Yellow 7th. Kyu

Yellow/Stripe – 6th. Kyu

Green – 5th. Kyu

Green/Stripe 4th. Kyu

Brown – 3rd. Kyu

Brown/Stripe – 2nd. Kyu

Brown/Stripe – 1st. Kyu

 It all depends on the student and how hard he/she trains.